WIN Ministries Office Staff

The WIN Ministries Staff is a dedicated and enthusiastic team working out of our Harlingen, Texas office.

Many of the staff serve sacrificially in a variety of roles and have often pursued additional training or education to meet the needs of the ministry as they have arisen.

Aside from its skilled staff, WIN Ministries is vitally supported by numerous hard-working volunteers who work out of our office, or from locations around the country. Our volunteers do everything from contributing to our written materials, to keeping the office clean.

John Hawkins

Operations Director

Before joining WIN Ministries in 2005, West Texas native John Hawkins and his wife Joann were 13-year veteran missionaries, having served in Mexico with World Indigenous Missions. Aside from overseeing WIN Operations, John works as the Executive Producer for N2N filming. John and Joann have five daughters, all who have volunteered with WIN Ministries.

Tim Outlaw

Administrative Director

Tim Outlaw has worked full-time in ministry since 2006. Through many divine appointments, God led Tim to start doing missions work in Asia in 2010. After Tim began working with his future wife Sara the following year, God made it clear to them their future in marriage and ministry. In 2016, they moved back from Asia to Texas where they now reside most of the year. Tim oversees WIN's Asia operations and assists WIN Ministries' President and Operations Director.

David Daniel Turner

Finance, Technical Arts Director

David Daniel Turner, originally from the Thumb of Michigan, was raised in a ministry-minded family and spent time as a child in Taiwan and India. David joined WIN Ministries as a Video-Editor and Graphic-Designer in 2009. He has since expanded his roles to Web-Designer and Technical Arts Director as WIN has added more staff. In 2013, he married his wife Paola, who is a native of South Texas.

Patricia Abbatoy

N2NCU Administrative Director

Patricia Abbatoy, an Elim Bible Institute alumna, has spent most of her life in ministry, serving as a pastor, as well as in a variety of other roles. Patti joined WIN in 2010 and has since been the primary architect of N2NCU Online, as well as the lead developer of N2NCU's academic and procedural policies.

Dale Donnelley

N2NCU Registrar

Dale Donnelley is a Michigan native who preached his first sermon at age 13 and has served the Lord bi-vocationally in many capacities since then, from Sunday School teacher to Senior Pastor, cleaning bathrooms to the ministry of tables and chairs, and many years ministering in music and worship leadership. His primary areas of ministry are singing, writing, preaching and teaching. Dale attended Elim Bible Institute alongside with Brick and Beth Cliff and, including earning a Bachelor Degree from N2NCU. Dale has a son and daughter-in-law, step-children and grandchildren who live in Tennessee. He is retired from the auto industry and now serves as the Registrar for N2NCU.

Sara Outlaw

Marketing Director

Sara Outlaw developed a passion for missions at a young age while growing up in Africa where her parents Brick and Beth Cliff were missionaries. After attending Elim Bible Institute and going on several mission trips to Asia, she moved to Asia to begin full-time ministry in 2010. When she isn't overseeing operations in Asia, she works to create new marketing strategies for WIN.

Joshua Jenney

Web Developer, IT Security Officer

Josh Jenney joined WIN Ministries in 2010. With a degree in Graphic Design and experience in Web Development, Josh is able to fill a variety of niche positions, but is most valued for his work as our lead programer for N2NCU Online, as well as our other websites. Aside from his work with WIN, Josh rehabilitates used computers as charitable donations, and runs a part-time technical services business. His wife Debra is a Brownsville-Texas education testing coordinator. They are celebrating their sixth year of marriage in June.

Dorothy Montealegre

N2NCU Academic Coordinator

An alumni of Arizona Bible Institute, Dorothy Montealegre moved to Mexico in 1963 where she later married a Mexican missionary and pastor. Together they established 12 congregations in the southern state of Oaxaca. Since becoming a widow, Dorothy served on the staff of two missionary training institutes in Mexico before joining WIN Ministries. Dorothy assists in the creation of N2NCU notes and written curricula in both English and Spanish.

Josiah Cliff

Video Editor

Josiah Cliff grew up as a Missionary's kid, traveling throughout Africa and Central America with his parents Brick and Beth Cliff. Josiah joined WIN in 2013 with a strong interest in the technical arts, and a love for serving. Josiah is responsible for editing much of the video in the N2NCU curricula.

Marina Colleen O'Rourke

Communications Specialist

Marina Colleen O'Rourke, one of eight children, grew up alongside missionary kids. She has participated in ministry throughout her life; volunteering in her local church with children ministry, community outreach, and several youth mission trips. She has received numerous scholarships from christian colleges for displaying excellence in leadership. Marina joined W.I.N Ministries in 2016, providing customer service, marketing consulting and assisting the administration. She is studying business marketing at the University of the Rio Grande Valley.

Ruth Galvas

Video Editor

Ruth Galvas, the youngest of eight children, grew up in Michigan with a heart for service and a desire for missions She participated in several mission trips with her church , as well as various community outreach projects. Her appetite for film making was first whet in high school when she took a graphics design and film-making class. She later entered the Media program at the International House Of Prayer University in Kansas City, Missouri, graduating from the program in 2015. Having honed her skills for several years, Ruth followed the call of God in 2017, moving to Texas to join WIN Ministries as a video editor.

Joseph Tristen Brewer

Video Editor

Joseph Tristen Brewer was raised as the son of a youth minister, and spent his early years in Alabama. In 2007, his family moved to Texas to join a church community in the area, and there Tristen began getting involved in youth mission work at his church, participating in several trips and projects. In 2017, his senior year of high school, he began interning with WIN Ministries in the video department, due to his interest in ministry and work with computers, and has since become full time staff. He works in the tech department helping with video editing and course design.

Cody King

Translation Coordinator

Born and raised in deep South Texas, Cody has been involved in Youth Ministry in his local church since 2012. Cody teaches the Junior High Sunday School and Youth night classes, helps facilitate the Senior High School Youth class, and volunteers his summers to attend Summer Youth activities like camps and conferences. Cody and his wife Anna spent three months in Japan training to be cross-cultural missionaries as well as helping the local church’s Children’s Ministry. Cody joined W.I.N. Ministries in 2018, where he now oversees the translation of courses and assists the Director of Operations create and compile notes.

Anna King

Graphic Designer, Video Editor

A graduate of Texas State Technical College, Anna King joined WIN Ministries as a video editor in 2014. Anna grew up in Mexico where her parents, John and Joann Hawkins, were missionaries. Anna and her husband Cody both have a strong passion for missions and plan on moving to Japan as missionaries.