The History of World Impact Now Ministries

President and founder of World Impact Now Ministries, Rev. S. Brick Cliff and his wife Beth served as missionaries in Tanzania and the Congo for twelve years. During their time in Africa, they saw a tremendous need for simple Biblical training and discipleship and found that about 80% of pastors and leaders had never had a chance to attend Bible school. Without this training it was difficult for pastors to care for their congregations and it was common to find Christians mixing their old religions with Christianity.

Due to a civil war in the Congo, the Cliffs had to leave and returned to the United States. While waiting for the war to end, the Cliffs moved to the Texas/Mexico border to work temporarily with a ministry training school in Mexico. While directing the school, Rev Cliff was introduced to a ministry curriculum on video known as the "International School of Ministry" (ISOM). ISOM is a complete Bible/Ministry school on DVD that includes prominent leaders and speakers like: Dr. Jack Hayford, Joyce Meyer, Ray Comfort, T.L. Osborne, and Reinhard Bohnke. The school has been translated into over 65 major languages. The Cliffs introduced the ISOM material to their contacts in Mexico and the Congo.  Within a short time, they had started over 100 schools which increased to 1000 schools over the next five years.

In 2005 Rev. Cliff founded WIN Ministries for the purpose of starting discipleship schools in major languages all around the world. As the Cliffs traveled setting up centers (to facilitate the distribution of the Bible school materials) they became increasingly aware of two other significant needs. The first was for ministry training that was not only in the language of the people but also geared towards the needs of their culture. The second was for teaching in practical areas of life – nutrition, hygiene, simple medical treatments for the family, farming techniques, etc. In order to meet these needs, the Ministry's vision expanded to include the production of their own video teaching materials.

In 2007 WIN Ministries started filming for their Nation-2-Nation curriculum. This curriculum meets the need for ministry training in the language of the people and geared towards the needs of their culture.

In 2008 WIN Ministries started filming for their Community Development material that meets the need for teaching in practical areas of life.